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Work by 수줍 (twitter)
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By: Unknownue

fortune by Sergey-Lesiuk
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Another possible setting for a #NaNoWriMo novel or scene! #NaNoPrep #setting #cool
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One month till NaNoWriMo!



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NaNo Prep



Happy October everyone.

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Today’s workout was a quick little workout I did back in the summer, I went in to work early this morning and came out about a few hours ago, went home, and just crashed in bed. When I woke up I decided it was time to bring back an awesome nerd fitness inspired workout. The Konami Code workout. Now you can either do this as how many times as you want or you can also include them in your regular workouts. Its all up to you. I’ll also post a video later of Steve Kamb from nerd fitness explaining to you the workout and what you should do as modifications for those that dont have access to the first two moves. So here it is. Pull Up Pull Up Push Up Push Up Left lunge Right Lunge Left Lunge Right Lunge Burpee Air Squat I did 8 sets of these… or you can do them also until failure. 

Isn’t there a picture of a pokemon teacher with the blackboard behind her of a cheat code that nobody can memorize? If anyone can find that for me, I can probably turn that into a workout as well.

Run like the reapers are coming! Not everybody can be Commander Shepherd, but even Shepherd needed to run from earth when the reapers came! Run! Regroup! When you’re getting ready to assemble your team to save the galaxy, this design will remind you that there is no shame in fleeing… and you need cardio to beat the Reapers!
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