My name is Kc. I like Otters. They are the Kitties of the sea!
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Cheryl Cole gives me super hair envy
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Damnit, I’m gonna do a handstand! 
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I’ve challenged myself to do a handstand

I’m overweight, under muscled, not very flexible, afraid of falling, and not very fit. 

And I’m going to do a handstand.

I’m into day 4 of handstand attempts. I can now hold myself up against the wall for 20 secs. 

This is be my trial and I will beat it.

I’m going to do a handstand. 

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I’m trying to learn how to do a handstand
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that’s right. στο We Heart It.

We’re getting a punching bag in the new house.
Saw this on Reddit in /r/getmotivated. I liked it. 

Leg workout!
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Localike | via Tumblr on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/96190937
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